Financial Literacy


One More Reason We Are UNIQUELY EUREKA!


College students notoriously struggle to make sound financial decisions, and many find themselves burdened with crushing debt from student loans and credit cards. Here at Eureka College, we want to ensure that students have access to the information and resources they need in order to make more informed personal financial decisions.


As college financing continues to grow more complex and difficult to navigate, we know that getting into college can often be harder than getting through college. As a college, we believe reducing that confusion is on us and we are taking concrete steps to help.


Our Financial Budgeting Tool which is FREE for all college students, can teach you how to be in total control of your money.


Meet Omar Malcolm. Consider Omar your “personal assistant” when it comes to navigating college financing issues. He’s here for one purpose, to make college financial options more affordable and understandable. It’s one more reason we are Uniquely Eureka. Now we want you to hear from Omar himself.



Helping You Prepare For Life.  



"I can help you with your financial questions including student loans, financial aid, budgeting, paying for college, building credit, credit card management, taxes, investments and other financial topics.

Stop by Burgess Room 301 when you visit campus, call (309) 467-6847 or email  Let me help navigate your college finances, so you can focus on getting a great education that leads to a bright future!"